A-Reece – Achilles

A-Reece – Achilles Mp3 Download Lyrics

A-Reece – Achilles Mp3 Download Lyrics

Presenting A-Reece, a highly acclaimed South African rapper and performer, who has consistently dominated the industry and established himself as one of the country’s finest rap artists. Today, he unveils his long-awaited 2023 song titled “Achilles,” accompanied by its captivating lyrics. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to download the track below and indulge in its musical brilliance. Get ready to immerse yourself in the artistry of A-Reece and enjoy this exceptional musical offering.

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A-Reece – Achilles MP3 DOWNLOAD



Yeah, okay

Touch down Nairobi, I’m receivin’ salutations
I’m just connectin’ flights to the final destination but
This calls for a celebration
I’m still the illest nigga in the cut like infected lacerations
When I’m in album mode I’m really nothin’ to play with
This new god flow is nothin’ like the Son of David
I’m back, but as Leonardo reincarnated
No, not the guy who can act but a renaissance polymath, yeah
I write lyrics the way he paints but I don’t need hands
This rap style is why your favourite rapper had to rebrand
This isn’t for your entertainment, fuck your feedback
And like a Harlem diplomat, I really mean that
Thе sound is somethin’ they could nevеr see past
The free base flow is makin’ my fanbase relapse
Let me recap
I’m still the best, you hate to see that
Fuck ’em, I got fish to fry bigger than a Sea bass
They say he’s got an accent when he raps, it sounds like he’s American
He should be rappin’ in his home language
He ain’t African-American, he’s African
He should be sayin’ ‘class’ instead of class, it keeps happenin’
But all I hear is babblin’
Who give a fuck if I spit and it’s non-rhotic
Shouldn’t it be enough if an African wrote it?
I mean, who gives a fuck about phonetic differences?
All I know is I’m killin’ shit when it comes to the penmanship, yeah
It ain’t gibberish at least
I mean, this English that we speak is just a bunch of German, Latin and Greek
Man, what’s with the long faces? You should be happy I made it
Look at the influence that I have on this generation
Why do I get the feelin’ I’m underappreciated?
I’m gettin’ impatient
Give me my flowers or I’ma take ’em
Break inside your conservatory, leave it desecrated, yeah
Take away your crown and the throne with all of it’s emerald stones
Diamonds, rubies and gold
Killin’ your soldiers, I’m in your chambers burnin’ this rose
Destroyin’ everythin’ you own, I’m like Achilles in Troy
They can’t fuck with the boy
P2 comin soon, it’s time to silence the noise

Wanted to drop it in July to fuck you up even more
But I know Jody got you first, I gotta go on this tour (Let’s go)


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