DJ Gizo – Ngithule Album

DJ Gizo – Ngithule Album ZIP MP3 Download

DJ Gizo – Ngithule Album ZIP MP3 Download

After much anticipation, the moment has arrived as the talented and rapidly emerging music artist and performer, DJ Gizo, who is widely regarded as one of the country’s finest, makes his triumphant return with his highly awaited 2023 studio LP project titled “Ngithule Album.” Feel free to download the album below and immerse yourself in its captivating sounds. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the musical journey that awaits you.

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“Ngithule Album” is poised to become the highly acclaimed project of the year for numerous music lovers who eagerly anticipate the involvement of their favorite hit makers. This time, the talented young artist has assembled an exceptional lineup of industry elites in the genre, including NoxieKay, Mazet SA, MuziQALstheh, Mduduzi Ncube, Vocks, Mvzzle, JayPee DaKing, M.J, Mabulala Channas, Bukiz Keys, AJ LEE, King Grizzy, Jay Bucks, MasterJoz, Drip Gogo, DJ Mboniiey, Sessy, Dj Obza, Eight08_ICU Beats, Manana Highness, Bunny Energizer, Bukzin Keys, God’s Son, Krusher KR, SnowFlakes, Eight08_ICU Beats, and Pablo Le Bee. Together, they unleash their talent across 15 massive songs that are bound to captivate audiences. Prepare to be enthralled by this remarkable musical journey.

Track list of DJ Gizo – Ngithule Album:

1. DJ Gizo – Ngithule (feat. NoxieKay, Mazet SA & MuziQALstheh)

2. DJ Gizo – Ikhaya’lam (feat. Mduduzi Ncube, Vocks, Mvzzle & JayPee DaKing)

3. DJ Gizo – Lotto (feat. M.J, Mabulala Channas, Bukiz Keys & AJ LEE)

4. DJ Gizo – Ng’hlambulele (feat. King Grizzy, Jay Bucks & MasterJoz)

5. DJ Gizo – Isibane (feat. Drip Gogo, Mazet & DJ Mboniiey)

6. DJ Gizo – Katileleziko (feat. Sessy, Dj Obza & Eight08_ICU Beats)

7. DJ Gizo – Etshwaleni (feat. Manana Highness, Bunny Energizer & MuziQALstheh)

8. DJ Gizo – Sphiwo sam (feat. DJ Obza, Mazet & JayPee DaKing)

9. DJ Gizo – Ngiyak’Thanda (feat. Bunny Energizer)

10. DJ Gizo – Saka (feat. Bukzin Keys)

11. DJ Gizo – Yoguetta (feat. Bukzin Keys)

12. DJ Gizo – Unamanga Usatane (feat. God’s Son, Krusher KR & MuziQALstheh)

13. DJ Gizo – Foreva Yena (feat. SnowFlakes, Krusher KR & Manana Highness)

14. DJ Gizo – Diroba (feat. Eight08_ICU Beats)

15. DJ Gizo – MeGa Bass (feat. Pablo Le Bee)

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DJ Gizo – Ngithule Album ZIP DOWNLOAD



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