Fear Street’s Next Movie is Going to Prom


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If you were someone who liked Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy of movies in 2021, good news: R.L. Stine says another film is on the way.

On Twitter, Stine revealed a new installment was set to start production pretty soon. This new movie will be based on the fifteenth book in the original run of books, The Prom Queen. Set in 1992, the book saw high schooler Lizzie McVay’s dreams of becoming prom queen tainted as the other candidates are being murdered, prompting her to figure out who’s behind the killings before she’s the dead one. At the moment, there’s nothing on casting, but last October, it was reported that Chloe Okuno—who directed Watcher and the “Storm Drain” segment of V/H/S/94—was tapped to direct.

Directed by Leigh Janiak, the original Fear Street trilogy—set in 1994, 1978, and 1666—was about teens terrorized by supernatural killers that have haunted the Ohio town of Shadyside for centuries. They all had a solid run, and it helped that they were shot back-to-back and came out weekly. Currently, it’s not known if Netflix is treating Prom Queen as an one-off or the first in another new series of movies. But another series seems inevitable either way: in 2022, Stine mentioned he’d heard talk of multiple movies in the works. And given the popularity of those movies, Stine or a ghostwriter may have a new book or two ready to come out pretty soon as well.

Let us know in the comments below what other Fear Street books you’d like to see Netflix adapt.

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