Hot Toys’ Latest Spider-Man 2 Figure Is Literally Superior


Image: Hot Toys

Spider-Man is known for changing suit designs with reliable frequency, and there’s no better showcase for his evolving wardrobe than his array of video games. Now you can own a Hot Toys figure showcasing one of the most fan-beloved: the Superior Suit from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The suit seen in Hot Toys’ Peter Parker (Superior Suit) Sixth Scale Collectible Figure takes its cues from Marvel’s 2013 Superior Spider-Man comics, and the Spider-Man figure itself is inspired by the game. It comes with a ton of accessories: “a newly developed masked head with two pairs of interchangeable eye pieces, a hugely-posable body for dynamic poses, a meticulously tailored superior suit in red and black with asymmetric patterns and black spider emblem, newly designed metallic red spider pincers allowing a great range of articulations, webbing accessories, hands in different gestures, and a figure stand for display.”

The body features over 30 points of articulation, and those “hands in different gestures” mentioned above include 10 different pairs, depending on whether Spidey is relaxing, shooting webs, web-swinging, or gesturing to express himself. Add him to your Marvel collection with a $285 pre-order; he’s expected to ship sometime between this October and March of 2025.

Here are more pictures to thwip through of the Superior Suit Spider-Man Hot Toys figure.


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