Hot Toys’ New Spider-Man Figure Is Ripped Right From the Comics

Image: Hot Toys

Here’s a first look at the latest Spider-Man figure from collectible giants Hot Toys.

This rendering of the Amazing Spider-Man is inspired by Marvel’s web-slinging action, complete with pop-out comic book style framing. Featuring a title card along with cityscape base, the figure can be posed in action going up against the Green Goblin. The figure’s accessories help create different looks for posing, like a webbed torso, web-shooters plus string, and a camera (paging J. Jonah Jameson!). Not much more is known about the figure yet as more details have not been released by Hot Toys or U.S. retailer Sideshow Collectibles. What we do know is that it will be a limited release that will hit Japan, Korea, Shanghai, and Hong Kong before the states.

Take a gander at the first few images of the figure coming to Sideshow soon!

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