Jay Jody – What’s The West That Could Happen

Jay Jody – What’s The West That Could Happen Mp3 Download

Jay Jody – What’s The West That Could Happen Mp3 Download

South African hip hop music artist Jay Jody, acclaimed by many as one of the top rappers in the industry, has released his highlyanticipated 2023 single, What‘s The Worst That Could Happen, along with its song lyrics. Download now and enjoy!

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“What’s The West That Could Happen” has been widely acclaimed as the anthem of the year by many music fans, and it is the opening track on the 2023 project “Revenge Is Sweet EP” by the young artist. The project features six songs and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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Jay Jody – What’s The West That Could Happen MP3 DOWNLOAD



I been very stubborn
I’ve been stickin’ to my dream
Thinkin’ I’m gon’ make it, be the best they ever seen
Made the choice when I very young, I was a teen
I was so inspired by the people on the screen
I memorized the lyrics, I remembered all the scenes
Even picked up some gems I applied in the streets
Hella energetic and obsessеd with expression
So that kinda combination turned mе to a dancer
Told my friends that I was fly at everythin’ I do
‘Cause my element’s the moon and my zodiac is cancer
Meaning that I was hella ill with every move
But that’s because I always practice, never been a chancer
Fast forward, I don’t bust moves anymore
‘Cause back home there’s barely even food anymore
Couldn’t hang with my crew anymore
So I went and got a job, packin’ food at the mall
I turned into a father even way before my first kid
‘Cause shit was gettin’ worse, kid
So far from perfect
Lookin’ back at it now, it was worth it
It made me realize my value, know what my worth is
So, anyway I developed another passion
Something I could do besides the lyrics I was draftin’
Yeah, I was writin’ bars even through the dancin’
Secretly rappin’ but this time I took some action
So I started spittin’ verses for people besides my little bros
Wasn’t gettin’ much reaction, you know how it goes
But I never stopped writin’ and perfectin’ my flows
And I never stopped learnin’from the Jabbas and PROs
Thinkin’ the further I go, one day they will call me a pro
Put me on songs with the goats
And book me for all their shows
And Reece was jotting too
That kept me on my toes
King of PTA, right under my nose
Oh, about that passion that I told you ’bout besides the raps
I was kinda makin beats but kept it under wraps
Got all the packs and VSTs from my nigga Staxxx
I was on a roll but y’all ain’t ready for what happened next

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