John Wick Heads to Vegas For an Interactive Attraction


Image: Lionsgate

If you’ve ever wanted to become fully immersed in the world of John Wick, Lionsgate has got you covered. Later this year, the action franchise is getting an “immersive and interactive” tourist attraction in Las Vegas.

Per the press release, the John Wick Experience was made in collaboration with series director Chad Stahelski and his production company 87Eleven. The i12,000 square ft. exhibit on the city’s AREA15 campus have visitors “navigate a high stakes adventure as well as visit a themed bar and retail shop open to the general public.” Guests will be given specific missions that involve characters and iconography from the films. They’ll also brush shoulders with Continental staff, crime bosses, and other assassins who (presumably) didn’t get on Wick’s bad side at any point in the films, all in the name of getting access to private Continental areas and learning juicy secrets.

Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate’s executive VP for global products, said a Wick experience felt like a natural move for a series built on “a whole world of alliances and vengeance hiding in plain sight. […] This experience draws fans into that world like never before, and AREA15 is an ideal place for fans to live out the fantasy, action and danger portrayed in the films.”

In 2018, Lionsgate launched a Saw-themed escape room in Vegas, and one for Blair Witch in 2021. The studio has experience with theme park attractions, and Wick is an admitted fit for the ever-expanding concept. And it also helps keep the franchise in folks’ minds as Lionsgate tries to whip up a future for the larger franchise, including a potential fifth mainline movie and a video game.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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