Kick-Ass’ Reboot Will Have Some Thoughts on R-Rated Supes


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In the early 2010s, the novelty of the original Kick-Ass movies was how they served as a naughty, meaner version of DC and Marvel flicks. If you ever wanted a preteen Robin-alike to shoot gangsters in the head or slice them up with a butterfly knife, you’d go to these films for your fix. But when you’re trying to make a comeback over a decade later, how do you make yourself relevant when folks are relatively used to psychotic superheroes thanks to The Boys?

According to director Matthew Vaughn, you pivot to the naughty superheroes themselves. In a recent interview with Collider, he talked about making Kick-Ass relevant for the modern age. Because it’s a “very, very meta universe,” the eventual reboot will take aim at R-rated heroes. Vaughn was coy on specifics, but he did say that in a “post-Kick-Ass world,” the reboot will have “a lot to do commentary on.”

Said reboot is halfway through production, but he called it a “whole new way of doing Kick-Ass, which couldn’t be more Kick-Ass.” Whenever the reboot releases, it’ll be the third chapter of an interconnected trilogy, which starts with the already completed School Fight (directed by Damien Walters) and a project known as Vram. From how Vaughn describes it, there’ll be relative radio silence on all three filmsuntil production on Vram is in the can. (School Fight, while the third film in the larger series, is apparently not Kick-Ass 3.) And after doing all those those, Vaughn hopes to finally get Kingsman 3 offf the ground so he can close out the story between Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Harry (Colin Firth).

For the moment, you can see Vaughn’s newest flick, Argylle, in theaters. In the Collider Q&A, he talks about his plans for that movie’s future, along with its ending, all of which you can read here.

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