MyPillow Guy Launches MyStore, the Amazon From Hell


Mike Lindell is an entrepreneur. Unsatisfied with the MyPillow empire built on a product he literally invented in a dream, Lindell set out for political fame during the Trump administration. He’s spent years hawking bogus cures for COVID-19 and promoting feverish conspiracy theories about the 2020 election—some of which sparked a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit. Now the internet’s sweatiest pillow salesman is back with a new venture: he’s taking on Amazon.

Over the past few days, Lindell has been on a media tour (mostly on extremist podcasts and his own video platforms) to promote a new eCommerce website called MyStore. Lindell calls it a “mini-Amazon” for “patriots” where “entrepreneurs” can sell their goods without being “copied by China.”

There’s no word on how selling through MyStore will prevent “China” from copying you, aside from the fact that fewer people will see the website in the first place. Lindell did tell Newsweek that MyStore is only intended for American-made products, and his team has already caught sellers “trying to sneak in” Chinese wares.

Lindell’s MyStore features needful products like this home tooth-repair kit.
Screenshot: MyStore

In an interview with convicted criminal Steve Bannon, Lindell said MyStore is home to “every kind of product you can imagine.” The website features all the patriot favorites, including the Amazing Temporary Tooth tooth replacement kit, “made in America” socks, a painting of a lion next to Jesus Christ, and a 32 ounce meat sticks and summer sausage variety pack.

There are the Lindell classics too, including MyCoffee (with a free go-anywhere MyPillow if you sign up for a subscription), MyStore branded vitamins, MySlipper leather protectant spray, and, of course, the famous MyPillows themselves. If you act fast, you can even scoop up the limited edition 20th Anniversary MyPillow for just $27.98. The website doesn’t include any information about what separates the 20th Anniversary MyPillow from the regular MyPillow.

This isn’t Lindell’s first expedition into online business. In 2021, the MyPillow king launched a free speech social media website called Frank (literally just the word “Frank”). Frank was supposed to be an “anything goes” platform free from the kind of draconian censorship that got Lindell “canceled by Walmart.” The site is still running three years later, but it’s less social media and more a home for videos posted by Lindell’s buddies.

Like most of the products Lindell offers, nearly everything in the MyStore is on sale. It’s a tactic that’s gotten him in trouble before. In 2017, the Better Business Bureau revoked MyPillow’s accreditation because of the product’s never-ending buy-one-get-one-free promotion. The BBB’s extremely loose guidelines include a stipulation that offers and discounts can only be available for a limited period of time, otherwise, you might be misleading people about the normal price of the product.


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