Nasty C – Kenny Allstar Freestyle

Nasty C – Kenny Allstar Freestyle Mp3 Download Lyrics

Nasty C – Kenny Allstar Freestyle Mp3 Download Lyrics

Today, we have the pleasure of witnessing the arrival of Nasty C, a highly acclaimed South African rapper and entertainer who has been consistently shattering records. In his latest endeavor for 2023, he presents a captivating song titled “Kenny Allstar Freestyle,” accompanied by its remarkable lyrics. Feel free to download it below and immerse yourself in the sheer enjoyment it brings.

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Nasty C – Kenny Allstar Freestyle MP3 DOWNLOAD



Yeah, Cizzle
Yeah, I say…

[Verse 1]
I be feeling like life is the biggest scam in the world
It’s blind they say, it crash and it burns
And it never takes leaves, it has to return
And it tames me whether I’m passive or stern
Is it passion or urge to make you smile?
I sacrifice my own happiness for a while
‘Cause we been moving at different paces for a mile
But the way we fighting for it, you’d sweared it’s for a child
But what are we expecting?
Two еmotional kids with fame in the picture
You gеt a ocean of tears
A couple doors we should’ve never opened to peers
‘Cause it’s like, you don’t hear me, they controlling your ears
But it’s just me and you when the smoke eventually clears
And you ask me some questions
I ask more questions
I add more tension
Who has your attention?
Who has your affection?
Learning you, learning me
We never learn our lesson

[Verse 2]
Don’t wanna drown in my lies, I’m keeping my face up
I’m owning up to my shit and I don’t like the taste bud
All this pretending we’re okay just makes it hard to wake up
We hold the record for most breakups, makeups
Scratch the door, [?]
Oh wow, great stuff!
Let me know when you’re done being all fake tough
Hold up, wait
What you mean?
What you mean what I mean?
You act like I’m all alone in this
But you lean when I lean
Yeah, you turn when I turn
I ain’t turn you
You got some dirt on me?
I got some dirt on you
All your excuses for not coming home, they were not true
You had me the first few but you got too confident
I’ve been stacking this documents I got files on you
You think I’m way too dumb to smell another guy on you?
Knowing how far you are, you think I don’t have my eye on you?
And look, I know that two wrongs can never make a right
And I’m hoping that your faith is not too [?] to make this right
And we start all over and forget about the past
And put the pieces back together
And draw some flowers on the cash
A’right, yeah


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