Next Star Wars Movie The Mandalorian & Grogu Has a Release Date


We can’t wait for that tie-in Grogu popcorn bucket.
Image: Lucasfilm

It’s probably slightly early to get in line at the theater, but The Mandalorian & Grogu has an official release date. The next Star Wars movie will arrive May 22, 2026—replacing a slot held for “Untitled Star Wars” on Disney’s release schedule.

Today’s Disney calendar update also contained some additional noteworthy details. The live-action Moana movie, previously due out June 27, 2025, is shifting to July 10, 2026—but fret not, Moana fans: you’ve still got the animated Moana 2 coming this November.

Also: Toy Story 5 is taking the place of “Untitled Pixar,” and will arrive June 19, 2026. Tron: Ares is swapping in for “Untitled Disney,” arriving October 10, 2025.

The other films noted in the update were The Amateur, a spy thriller starring Rami Malek; it shifts from November 8, 2024 to April 11, 2025—and the Amy Adams-starring Nightbitch, about a woman who believes she transforms into a dog on occasion, which will be bringing its magical-realism weirdness to December 6, 2024. Disney also removed an untitled film from July 10, 2026.

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