NFX’s James Currier will break down MVPs at TechCrunch Early Stage 2024


Everyone has heard of minimum viable products (MVPs), early versions of a future startup’s product that contains precisely what it needs to deliver value — and nothing more.

The tricky bit is sorting out what is required in an MVP and what is extraneous. Build too much and the resulting delay to market could limit learning, leading to wasted development cycles. Build too little, and you could go to market without enough product to actually engage with potential customers. Getting it just right is hard, but possibly very lucrative.

That’s why I am glad to announce that NFX’s James Currier is coming to TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 in Boston to discuss how to build MVPs into today’s startup world.

Currier is a founding partner at NFX, a venture firm with several nine-figure funds under its belt, and a founder in his own right several times over. He founded Tickle, which he says grew to 150 million registered users, as well as several other startups, including IronPearl, whose exit we covered back in 2013.

Regular TechCrunch readers may recognize his firm’s name, as we’ve covered several of its investments in recent years. Currier is also a regular at our Early Stage event, thanks to his experience on both sides of the fundraising table.

If you want to get a head start on the get-together, TechCrunch has covered MVPs extensively over the years.

As with all sessions at Early Stage, Currier will present and then answer audience questions. I am moderating Currier’s Q&A and can’t wait to hear what you want to know — and what Currier will have in response.

Our yearly Early Stage confab is consistently one of most highly rated events of the year, so snag a ticket and I will see you in Boston this April.

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