Part Two Gets the Herbert Seal of Approval


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Dune: Part Two finally drops in theaters next week, and anticipation for the film has grown as big as Arrakis’ sandworms. If last week’s glowing impressions from social media weren’t enough to get you on board, maybe an endorsement from Brian Herbert, son of original Dune creator Frank Herbert will help sway your opinion.

On Twitter, Herbert the younger revealed he saw Part Two in a recent private studio screening, and was over the moon about it. “[It’s] gratifying to see my father’s story told with such great care,” he said. “When the new movie is combined with Dune: Part One, it is by far the best film interpretation of Frank Herbert’s classic novel that has ever been done.” He’d been similarly effusive to the first Dune back in 2021, to the point that he said he wished his parents (Frank and mother Beverly Ann Stuart) were both alive to see that film.

Brian has been steeped in the Dune franchise since 1999, when he and author Kevin J. Anderson (of Star Wars and Saga of Seven Suns fame) collaborated on the Prelude to Dune trilogy. The two would work together on other Dune sub-series since, from the Legends trilogy to Heroes of Dune and Great Schools of Dune. (The upcoming Max series, Dune: Prophecy, is based on the duo’s 2012 novel Sisterhood of Dune.) More recently, the pair released Dune: The Heir of Caladan in 2022, the final installment in the prequel trilogy of Caladan novels.

All the praise and momentum seems primed for Dune: Part Two to have a big theatrical run when it opens on March 1. Look for io9’s review in the coming days.

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