Russell T. Davies Teases One of Doctor Who’s New Mysteries


Bendy and the Ink Machine is headed to the big screen. Pixar’s Jay Ward teases the future of Cars. Could the Quantum Leap revival actually give Ben his happy ending? Plus, get a look at the car-themed heroes of the next Super Sentai series. Spoilers now!

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Following the success of the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, the official Bendy and the Ink Machine Twitter page revealed a film is now in development at Radar Pictures.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter, Part II

During a recent interview with Syfy Wire, The Last Voyage of the Demeter producer Brad Fischer admitted its unlikely the film will receive a sequel.

We had two Dracula movies this year, so clearly, there’s a lot of imagination out there, running through the heads of creatives about what you can do with that character and story. [Robert Eggers] Nosferatu is also coming out next year. So no, we haven’t really talked about continuing Clemens’ story specifically. But the Dracula novel is so epic and there’s so much story there … I’m sure that there will be more Dracula-inspired stories and narratives that end up being committed to screen.

Joker: Folie a Deux

In response to a fan on Threads (via Coming Soon), James Gunn confirmed Joker: Folie a Deux will not premiere under the DCU’s new “Elseworlds” banner.

Nope. Won’t debut until the films we’ve worked on.

Cars 4

In conversation with the The Late Brake Show at the 2023 Porsche Rennsport Reunion Event, Pixar’s Jay Ward revealed a new Cars project is in development at the company.

There are more Cars things brewing, I can’t say much more yet. Cars has got a life that will keep going. I am working on some real fun projects right now that you will see in a couple of years. It takes us a while to make them.

[Comic Book]

Frozen 3

Meanwhile, Frozen producer Peter Del Vecho told The Direct he believes the upcoming second sequel will be “amazing.”

Look, we only do sequels if we believe there’s enough story to tell. They’re working on it up in development, I’m focused on Wish. But it is exciting what they’re working on. I will say anything that you read about it in the public, we haven’t said anything about it. So it’s all conjecture, but I trust that it’s going to be amazing.

Doctor Who

Appearing on the latest episode of Doctor Who Unleashed, Russell T. Davies confirmed more information regarding Mrs. Flood will slowly unspool over the course of the new season.

Mrs Flood is a mysterious character. You will eventually find out more about her. She’s a slow burn, Mrs Flood. Who is Mrs Flood? Come back and find out.

[Screen Rant]

Quantum Leap

In conversation with TV Line, Nanrisa Lee suggested the second half of season two could see Ben (and possibly even Sam Beckett) finally make the leap home.

I think when you have that kind of information, we’re going to see what’s at the end of that. Nobody’s going to shelve that. This is the point of what we’ve all been trying to do since Ben left; we’re just trying to get [him] home. We’ll see if it works.


Katja Herbers has finished filming the fourth season of Evil.

Bakuge Sentai BoonBoomger

Toei has released new images from Bakuge Sentai BoonBoomger, the upcoming 48th Super Sentai series.

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale

Finally, in a contemporary world where sorcery is verifiably real, a woman is wrongly accused of murder-by-witchcraft in the trailer for Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale, premiering January 4 on AMC+.

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale Official Trailer | Premieres January 4 | AMC+

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