Tales From the Void Brings Reddit’s Scariest Stories to TV Life


Like Twitter or Tiktok, Reddit is a platform built on (often fake) stories—some funny, some sad, and some scary as hell. And with anything up for grabs to turn into a TV show or movie, the scariest (and most viral) of Reddit’s horror tales are being adapted for the small screen with the upcoming series Tales From the Void.

Per Variety, streaming service Screambox will air the six-episode show later this year. Premise-wise, it’s an anthology series in the vein of the old Goosebumps TV show or more recently AMC’s Creepshow. Each episode will pull from a popular story on the r/NoSleep subreddit, such as “The Black Square” from Matt Dymerski, Rebecca Klingel’s “Betsy the Doll,” and “I used to hack baby monitors” by Manen Lyset. Series directors include filmmakers such as Joe Lynch (Mayhem), Maritte Lee Go (A Rose for Her Grave), and co-showrunner Francesco Loschavio (Refugee).

“From creepy dolls to unborn children, unexplained invasions to paranormal hauntings, unsolved mysteries to serial murders, Tales From The Void draws from a wide spectrum of horror sub-genres with each episode paying homage to a classic and cult films from the eighties and nineties,” reads the website. “Each tale blends genre thrills with social commentary to explore the darker side of the human psyche.

In a press release, executive producer Brad Miska wrote that Tales “delves through the best of horror, all from the unique perspective of some of the prominent modern voices in horror. As someone who grew up on Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow, I have an obsession with anthologies and can’t wait for horror fans to see these classic ‘No Sleep’ stories come to life.”

“This series is a love letter to the r/NoSleep community,” continued Lovaschio, saying it’ll “celebrate the breadth and depth of the horror genre. We put a lot of time and care into curating and adapting these stories for television, and we look forward to seeing how audiences react.”

Tales From the Void will hit Screambox in the fall.

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