The Great Gmail Purge, New Samsung Galaxy S24 Leaks, and More Top Product News of the Week

If you had an old burner Gmail account, this week was your last chance to log in before Google permanently nukes it. Meanwhile, recent Samsung leaks appear to confirm some Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra renders that had been floating around the internet. Gizmodo’s consumer tech team covered that news and more this week. Here’s roundup of our most-read stories. —Jorge Jimenez

Your Old Gmail Account Will Be Deleted on December 1 if You Don’t Sign in Now

Image: Alexey Boldin (Shutterstock)

Gmail plans to start permanently deleting inactive accounts on December 1. Since November is almost over, we decided to give you one final urgent reminder to log into your old burner accounts to make sure they survive the Great Google Purge.—Dua Rashid Read More

Android Users’ Favorite App of 2023 Will Annoy Google

A photo of Google's Best of 2023 app awards

Photo: Google

It’s almost December, which means all the major apps and tech companies are wrapping up the year with an attempt at reflection. As tradition calls, the annual Google Play Best of App Awards have been announced for 2023. Sure, there are a few notable new titles on the list, and I’ll point them out in a bit. But first, let’s take a closer look at the Play Store’s vastly underplayed hit of the year, which comes from its competition.—Florence Ion Read More 

Samsung Galaxy S24 Leaks Confirm Recent Renders

Image for article titled The Great Gmail Purge, New Samsung Galaxy S24 Leaks, and More Top Product News of the Week

Image: X (Twitter) / DavidMa05368498

If you liked the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra renders that were floating around a couple of weeks ago, then there’s good news for you. A few recently released leaks of the upcoming phone allegedly show that it is going to look exactly like the renders. These leaks were originally posted by DavidMa05368498 on X (formerly Twitter) and later, the renowned Samsung leaker, Ice Universe, confirmed the legitimacy of those pictures.—Dua Rashid Read More 

This Year’s Windows Ugly Sweater Is the Holiday Cheer I Needed

Windows XP-themed Holiday Sweater

Photo: Artem Golub / Gizmodo

Here at Gizmodo, we love an ugly holiday sweater, and it seems like Microsoft has outdone itself with another must-have nostalgia grab for Windows fans, specifically Windows XP fans. And here I thought there was no way it could top last year’s Clippy sweater. —Jorge Jimenez Read more.

This ‘Little Mac’ Is a Pint-Sized Windows Version of Apple’s Famed PC

Ayaneo's Mini PC next to a small NES cartridge and a keyboard.

Unfortunately, the Mini PC won’t accept miniscule NES cartridges as SD cards, but that doesn’t stop Ayaneo’s portable offering from looking adorable.
Image: Ayaneo

How best can you display the advances in technology over the years? Let’s take a PC like the landmark original 1984 Apple Macintosh—later rebranded the Macintosh 128K—and shrink it by more than half. Then, boost its processing capability and memory by a factor of thousands or even tens of thousands—AKA modern mobile gaming standards. That’s what Ayaneo is doing with its upcoming Mini PC AM01, a pint-sized homage to the all-in-one computing system that weighs a little more than a pound.—Kyle Barr Read More 

Google Celebrates 1 Billion RCS Users With a Feature Drop for Green Bubbles

A photo of the new RCS features in Google Messages

Google’s new RCS features include animated emojis, plus a helping of other features.
Image: Google

Google’s bet on RCS is paying off, or at least that’s what it wants us to think. After a few minor wins, including Apple quietly confirming RCS support in the next iPhone and officially surpassing 1 billion monthly active users, Google is celebrating its successes by announcing new features for Messages users on Android.—Florence Ion Read More 

Microsoft Wants to Stick Game Pass on Everything, Including PlayStation and Nintendo Consoles

An Xbox Series X console and controller on a green background.

Imagine playing Game Pass on a PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch.
Photo: Alex Cranz / Gizmodo

Xbox chief financial officer Tim Stuart was pretty damn open about the company’s desire to make Xbox Game Pass the premiere game streaming service across all platforms, not just on Microsoft’s own console. During the 2023 Wells Fargo TMT Summit, Stuart said their main goal is to get Game Pass on “every screen that can play games.” The news was first reported by Gamespot.—Kyle Barr Read More 

You Can Now Craft Near Endless Amounts of AI Voices to Annoy Your Friends With Voicemod

A screenshot of the Voicemod app showing the community voices tab.

Voicemod’s new Community Voices tab lets users upload an indefinite number of characters or people they can use in real-time.
Image: Voicemod

Voicemod, the real-time AI voice-changing app, is now letting anybody craft whatever kind of voice they want, though limited by a selection of preset baseline vocals.—Kyle Barr Read More

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