These 32 robotics companies are hiring


There’s no such thing as a future-proof career. This is something I consider nearly any time I write about advances in generative AI. Is there a sense in which I’m contributing to the propagation of my eventual replacement? Probably! But don’t worry, that’s a me problem. As for you, my roboticist friend, you’ll be just fine.

While the last several years have been rough on the tech industry at large, the robotics industry has largely been insulated. I say largely here because, in much the same way that future-proof careers aren’t a thing, no industries are wholly immune from job loss. The still-fresh example of iRobot continues to loom large.

But again, there is good news for you, the roboticist. For at least as long as I’ve been covering this industry, there’s been no shortage of open roles. These jobs always run the gamut, from huge corporations like Amazon to newer startups that have yet to announce their first product. Whether you’d prefer to opt for the relative security of a big company or the nimble innovation of a small team is entirely up to you.

In either case, there are plenty to chose from.


Agtonomy (7 roles)

Aigen (4 roles)

Amazon Robotics (139 roles)

ANYbotics (27 roles)

Automated Architecture Ltd (1 role)

Baubot (15 roles)

Beacon AI (2 roles)

Berkshire Grey (20 roles)

BHS Robotics (3 roles)

Chef Robotics (8 roles)

Clockwork (4 roles)

Dexterity (40 roles)

farm-ng (6 roles)

Forcen Inc. (5 roles)

Formic (7 roles)

Foxglove (4 roles)

GrayMatter Robotics (20 roles)

Hyphen Technologies Inc. (3 roles)

Kodiak (23 roles)

Matic Robots (13 roles)

Neya Systems (7 roles)

Nimble Robotics (8 roles)

Pudu Robotics (3 roles)

Reframe Systems (2 roles)

Renovate Robotics (1 role)

Sanctuary AI (11 roles)

Scythe Robotics (15 roles)

Skip (2 roles)

Symbotic (20 roles)

The AI Institute (20 roles)

Vayu Robotics (4 roles)

Vention (19 roles)



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