Werewolves May Get Their Purge On in Jonathan Liebesman’s Wolf Night


If you’ve ever wanted a movie about werewolves that also comes with some social commentary wrapped inside, your needs could possibly be sated in the near future with an upcoming movie.

Per Deadline, filmmaker Jonahtan Libeseman—best known for Battle: LA and the 2014 live-action Ninja Turtles film—is drawing attention with his next project, Wolf Night. According to the outlet, the screenplay from April Maguire and Will Honley is being explicitly billed as “District 9 by way of The Purge—but with werewolves.” Does that mean it’ll be a found footage movie set in a city populated by lycans? Will werewolves have free reign of a city during a full moon, at which point anybody who isn’t one is completely screwed? Not a clue in the slightest, but it sounds interesting and potentially cool as hell.

Wolf Night is being headed up by production company Platinum Dunes, whose horror resume includes the actual Purge franchise, reboots of classic horror flicks like Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Paramount’s A Quiet Place series. Deadline says “multiple studios” are interested in this film, though no particular one was identified as a likely frontrunner. With a premise like that, it could easily wind up at any studio, from Universal to Paramount or even Warner Bros. (Hopefully not that last one.)

Either way, here’s hoping it gets snatched up—beyond its cool elevator pitch, it’d be nice to have some more mainstream werewolf movies alongside all the demons and vampires we get at a reliable clip. Other than Universal’s reboot of The Wolf Man, there’s supposed to be Larry Fessenden’s Blackout, both of which are expected to release later this year.

[via Fangoria]

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