Where and When Should the Predator Kill Again?


Image: 20th Century Studios/Hulu

After being put on ice with 2018’s The Predator, the sci-fi horror franchise came back to life with Prey. The 2022 movie wound back the clock to 1719 in the Great Plains to focus on a Comanche woman named Naru, and it took off big with audiences. Not only was it graced with a physical release last year after it originally launched on Hulu, it’s now become the kickoff point for what sounds like a larger Predator revival.

Instead of picking up with Naru’s story, the next Predator movie is Badlands, which is said to be set somewhere in the future. While there aren’t any plot details at the moment, the film’s title (and it being a standalone) suggests a potential western. Whether or not that’s the actual case, it does raise some interesting possiblities for future movies in this series. In theory, there’s nothing stopping 20th Century from having the Predators (or Yautja) bounce around various points in Eath’s hsitory to try and prove they’re the strongest, and then eventually get beat by period-appropriate human ingenuity.

Part of why Prey took off in the first place was because it really did embrace the time period it was set in. And after it came out and blew folks’ minds, people got to wishing up other places it’d be theoretically fun to drop the Predator into. That’s what we want to know for this weekend’s Open Channel: you get free reign to make a Predator movie, what’s the setting and time period? Personally, I’d like to put him in a high school during the 90s or 2000s where he just can’t get a read on how teenage hierarchy works. Let us know your Predator concept in the comments below.

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