Nasty C – She’s Gone & The End

Nasty C - She's Gone & The End Mp3 Download

Nasty C – She’s Gone & The End Mp3 Download

In the wake of the recent announcement regarding his just released studio album titled “I Love It Here Album“, the acclaimed rapper Nasty C, who has established himself as one of the premier artists on the continent, has chosen to bring joy to the nation with the highly anticipated 2023 track titled “She’s Gone & The End”, along with its lyrics. Grab your copy below and immerse yourself in the music.

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Nasty C – She’s Gone & The End MP3 DOWNLOAD



[Verse: Nasty C]
Sittin’ here talking to God
Askin’ why he did me so wrong
He snatched you out of my arms
I was just a baby boy
Waitin’ for my baby’s voice, with my baby toys
Why is the living room so crowded at dawn?
Why is everybody trying to keep me calm?
As I wait for your call
I asked ’em why you’re takin’ so long?
They reply “Baby, she’s gone”
Baby, she’s gone
She’s gone
Baby, she’s gone

Part II: The End

[Chorus: Nasty C]
Swimmin’ with the sharks in the deep end
Ain’t no vulnerability in these ends
Chasing after money
Chasing after these Ms
Let me tеll you how my little story begins

[Verse: Nasty C]
Okay it was ’98
Mama left us weepin’
Last thing shе heard was bullets flyin’, people screamin’
I was ’bout to turn 1 in a couple weekends
Who the fuck can celebrate when everybody grievin’?
If I knew who was responsible I’d go get even
Can’t imagine how my daddy made it through that evenin’
Thinkin’ ’bout it makes me evil, I hate people
I know that won’t bring her back so I just keep it peaceful
Yeah, I try my fuckin’ best to walk a straight line
But they wanna try my patience a hundred times
Tryna stop from detonatin’, the stakes high
Bae, I need you to be patient, it takes time
They used to tell me “Fly high”
Now they say “Burn underneath”
Everybody say they ride but they ain’t turnin’ the key
Made my mission to provide then I turned to a G
I take L’s ’cause I take leaps
Givin’ game out for the free
You gon’ learn in HD

[Refrain: Nasty C]
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah (Hell Yeah)
Hell Yeah

[Outro: Sammie Heavens]
Endings happen to allow a necessary begining
It’s a cycle you can’t survive without
It may seem like the world is ending but something great will come out of it
It’s a law
You are energy
You are endless


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